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Eyelash Extensions

Our Beauty Mansion offers the eyelash extensions service in our upper Body Suite where experts analyze your natural lashes then provide your lash options for a fuller and more glamorous look! Increasingly popular, eye lash extensions have become a time-saving alternative to the basic lash curler or store bought products by offering better and bolder results. Choose from a range of lengths and volume thickness options available at our beauty mansion for either special occasions or every day wear.

How Do Eyelash Extensions Work?

Eyelash extensions extend your natural lashes by a painless and simple procedure of adding false lashes into your natural lash line with a bonding agent according to the look you wish to achieve. Our Beauty mansion offers patrons a secure and comfortable environment for eyelash extensions applied by our technicians who use only safe, non-toxic adhesives that will not harm your eyes. Since eyelash extensions normally take approximately 2 hours, many clients take advantage of this time to relax and get some beauty rest! Touch ups are required every two to four weeks to accommodate the regrowth of your natural lashes.

Discover the Best Look For Your Lashes

Our Beauty Mansion offers a full range of eyelash extension lengths and fullness effects. Customize your lashes to suit your particular needs.

-Classic lash set is a more mascara approach to your very day wear

-Hybrid lash set is an extra enhancement bringing a flare to the natural look

-Volume lash set is offering a more plump feathered look bringing the drama

-MegaVolume lash set is your maximum fullness for the ultimate dramatic effect

 The variety is offered to suite clients with any appetite for eyelash enhancement. Click a style above to "Book the Look"  or call in to book an appointment in our beauty mansion.

Facts About Eyelash Extensions

When applied by an experienced professional, eyelash extensions offer the chance for long, thick beautiful lashes that enhance your entire appearance. ExQuizit Beauty technicians offer expert advice to assist clients with making the best beauty decision to not only enhance your style, but protect the health and integrity of your natural lash..

Proper care of your lash extensions determines the longevity. For a maintenance routine gently brush out and separate lashes using a specialty lash brush daily.

New to lash extensions? You may want to request a shorter classic  lash if yours are short/medium to begin with. Discuss details with your technician.

Eyelash extensions will not interfere with the re-growth of your natural eyelashes - Extensions fall out naturally. Touch-ups are recommended every 2 – 4 weeks to maintain your desired look.

If you want to put some lush into your lashes, give us a call.

ExQuizit Beauty Salon Eyelash Extensions

If you want to put some lush in you lashes, give us a call.

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