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ExQuizit Beauty Salon Hair Services

ExQuizit Beauty Salon Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

If getting a new cut is just not enough, consider hair extensions for a dramatic and glamorous way to give your appearance a boost.

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ExQuizit Beauty Salon Keratin Treatment

Keratin Treatment / Keratin Blowout

Our licensed, experienced hair technicians are skilled at the application of the keratin formula, and have transformed many heads of hair in.

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ExQuizit Beauty Salon Hair Styling

Hair Styling

Offering the latest style trends and hair designs combined with the dependable efficiency required to maintain and manage a day to day look that suits your lifestyle, our friendly and professional staff offer reliable services according to the specific needs of our clientele.

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ExQuizit Beauty Salon Haircuts


For a haircut that truly suits your features and unique style, consult with ExQuizit Beauty Salon stylists at our friendly salon for an in-depth consultation to achieve the look that suits you best.

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ExQuizit Beauty Salon Pure Virgin  Hair Extensions

Pure Virgin Hair Extensions

PureVirgin hair is 100% Organic hair with its cuticles intact offering the maximum Luster & Body of your tresses! Quality Preparation & Care comes with each raw 100g bundle PureVirgin Hair is Unprocessed in any way so it's encouraged to be REUSED in every way!

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