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ExQuizit Beauty Salon Body Services

ExQuizit Beauty Salon Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions

Increasingly popular, eyelash extensions have become a time-saving alternative to the basic lash curler or store bought products by offering better and bolder results.

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ExQuizit Beauty Salon Facial Services


Aside from your usual cleansing and beauty routines, ExQuizit Beauty Salon facials cleanse and refresh by going deep within your pores to remove dead skin, leaving it smooth and rejuvenated.

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ExQuizit Beauty Salon Waxing Services

Body Waxing

Pamper yourself in an inviting waiting room area while you consult with one of our experienced and qualified experts to discuss the waxing services that are best suited to your needs.

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ExQuizit Beauty Salon Eyelash Tinting Services

Body Massage

Massage is suitable for those who work as a rejuvenation for tired muscle groups for full body or concentrated on hands, feet or back. A complete stress reliever to remind you that you are worth the relaxation thru mind & body. Each session can be requested in a range from 30 - 90 minutes that best fit your schedule.

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ExQuizit Beauty Salon Waxing Services

Diamond Sculpt Massage

Shrink. Yes Shrink your waistline and enhance your curves with the amazing results from our diamond sculpt massage sessions where we use hand strokes and a radio-frequency probe to tighten unwanted loose areas mainly batwing arms, lower tummy (FUPA), Back rolls & inner thigh. Usually a 45-60 minute session with visible results after the very first two sessions. This method is very effective & I urge you to trust the technicians when they say "You won't miss the jiggle!"

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